Feedback About a Group

We want to know what your experience of CADS Groups was like.

Your feedback is important so we can be responsive to consumer needs. Please take your time to think about your answers and feel free to use the space under each statement to add comments. Thanks.

If you would like to provide further feedback about the service, click here. Alternatively you are welcome to use the suggestion boxes in each unit or you can contact the CADS Consumer Team via Email Us Now or 09 815 5830 (Mon-Fri 9am-4.30pm).

Group Feedback
1. What I learned (the content) was:
2. The resource materials (e.g. handouts) I was given were:
3. The pace of the group was:
4. I thought the way the group was run was:
5. I felt heard and understood
8. Overall I thought the group was: (tick as many as you like)
9. Will you recommend this group to others?