CADS run a number of free educational and therapeutic groups for people affected by alcohol and other drugs. In a CADS group you can meet other people who have had similar experiences, learn from each other and benefit from the knowledge of the group facilitators.

We will work out with you which group is your best option.

CADS Counselling Service offers a group programme which includes

Getting started - education and support for people thinking about changing their use of alcohol and other drugs

Taking action - understanding your own use of alcohol and drugs and developing the skills and building the resources (recovery capital) to help you make changes to your use

Maintaining change - helps you maintain the changes you’ve made

CADS Abstinence Programme groups - for CAP groups, click here


Also available

Family friends and whanau: Reclaiming our lives - information and support for people who have concerns about the use of alcohol and/or other drugs (AOD) by a relative, partner or friend

Getting the facts - information about alcohol and other drugs and their effects

Managing mood - learn and practice skills to be mindful, regulate emotions and tolerate distress

Stop drink driving - for people mandated to undertake education about alcohol and driving

Support groups

Rainbow support - an ongoing group for people who identify as sexually and/or gender diverse (Rainbow)

Maintaining change post-detox - on-going support for people who have completed a managed withdrawal with CADS in-patient or community and home detox services


CADS Abstinence Programme (CAP) groups

Starting the journey - an introduction to 12-Step facilitation and an opportunity to see if an abstinence-based programme will help you achieve your goals. It runs two evenings a week for four weeks (sometimes longer depending on your circumstances)

Making change happen - intensive 12 Step group for people wanting to be free of alcohol, drugs and addictive behaviours. The group meets for 3 hours 3 times a week for 8 weeks

Making change happen - Women’s group - there is also a women’s group run by women for women. The group meets for 3 hours 3 times a week for 12 weeks

Family and friends - there is a support group, an intensive group and continuing care group

Maintaining my recovery - a weekly 90 minute on-going support group for those wating support to maintain change

Relapse prevention - on-going education to help people maintain their recovery, wellness and safety



Altered High Youth Service offers groups for young people and for people concerned about a young person’s alcohol and other drug use:

Get with It - explores beliefs about using substances, increases motivation to make changes and provides information about reducing alcohol and drug-related harms

Managing Mood - learn and practice skills to help manage mood and emotions

Family & friends Empowering whānau Encouraging change - offers strategies, support and information to people concerned about someone else


Te Ātea Marinō (Maori)

Te whare tapa whā - a clinical/cultural exploration of how nurturing the four dimensions of wairua, hinengaro, tinana and whānau can lead to recovery

Pōwhiri poutama - process of self-discovery around identity within a healthy Māori worldview that leads to reclaiming and rebuilding one’s rangatiratanga and mana


Tuþu (Pacific peoples)

Fenoga - supporting people through the journey of self-awareness and change

Alo fa’atasi - psycho-education and support for Pasifika thinking about changing their use of alcohol, other drug and  gambling

Malaga - interactive learning ‘talanoa style’ to provide education, awareness and support for Pasifika around alcohol, drug and gambling use

Pakipaki - a Tongan language group where people are encouraged to use their mother tongue, to share and talanoa (talking therapy) about substance use. Tongan perspectives on substance use are explored using Tongan vocabularies and proverbs.

Malu I kaiga - community support group for concerned families and friends about their loved ones alcohol other drug and gambling use

Faletalatala - a Samoan-speaking group exploring the harmful effects of alcohol, drugs and problem gambling through the Talatalanoa process